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Concurrent Training- A Meta-Analysis Examining Interference of Aerobic and Resistance Exersises (Wilson et al, 2012) :

Shay Glasel MSc BSc – Israeli Football Club Sport Scientist

Concurrent training is the term describing the possible contradiction between endurance training and strength/power/hypertrophy training.
The above Meta-analysis included 20 studies about concurrent training and here are the findings:
– There does indeed seem to be contradictions between endurance training and power, strength and hypertrophy.
– The endurance training in this meta-analysis included running and/or cycling. When running and cycling were analyzed together only the power component was found significantly impaired compared with strength training without concurrent endurance.
– Where running and cycling were analyzed separately and were compared with strength training without concurrent endurance power was found impaired but not significantly (I think the funny p value is a different issue that should be discussed), hypertrophy and strength were significantly impaired.
– From previous studies it seems that the effect of impaired muscular response to weights is local, so upper body endurance apparatus will impair upper muscular performance, and running- for example- will impair lower body muscular performance.
– Adding to that, higher intensity endurance training (intervals type) seems to have less contradicting effect on muscular performance compared with long slow distance, typical, endurance training.

Practical applications:
– Taking into account the majority of papers that looked at concurrent training we should assume a contradiction between power, hypertrophy and strength improvements

  • Therefore, S&C coaches, certainly during the in-season period, should emphasize interval training through short bursts and short enough rest (Tabata and others used 2:1 – 1:1 work:rest ratio with success).
  • Another conclusion- when there’s no rush for high volume of endurance but there is an importance to gain power, strength or hypertrophy the coach should consider limiting the volume of endurance training done and instead focus on the strength/power/hyperteophy.
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